Spray application of dye and chemical solutions in continuous processes
for warp yarn and web-like sheets in the textile- and nonwoven industry

Rotating atomizers, spray application by use of fast rotating disks (rotors)
a cost minimizing, resource-saving and low-maintenance technology for your
production process ensures significant ecological and economic advantages
in the global competition.
The standard system configuration executes a forced
application of chemicals or dye solutions with four spray points – by mean of
spraying four times on face side of the web in a single pass.

The technolocical goal by use of spray technology:
Adsorbance of dyestuff- and/or chemical molecules on the fiber surface
or deeply inside the capillary system of fiber ?????

                               Reproducable defined penetration depth of sprayed solutions


ROTODYER spray dyeing technology for the textile industry
application of Indigo-/Reactive-/ Pigment-/ Direct-/ Dispersion-/ Sulfur and VAT dyes

minimum application (MA) for the textile- and nonwoven industry

Systems of RotaSpray GmbH can be combined and retrofitted into existing production lines.

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