Spray application of dye and chemical solutions in continuous processes
for warp yarn and web-like sheets in the textile- and nonwoven industry

Rotating atomizers, spray application by use of fast rotating disks (rotors)
a cost minimizing, resource-saving and low-maintenance technology for your
production process ensures significant ecological and economic advantages
in the global competition.
The standard system configuration executes a forced
application of chemicals or dye solutions with four spray points – by mean of
spraying four times on face side of the web in a single pass.

The technolocical goal by use of spray technology:
Adsorbance of dyestuff- and/or chemical molecules on the fiber surface
or deeply inside the capillary system of fiber ?????

                               Reproducable defined penetration depth of sprayed solutions


ROTODYER® spray dyeing technology for the textile industry
application of Indigo-/Reactive-/ Pigment-/ Direct-/ Dispersion-/ Sulfur and VAT dyes

minimum application (MA) for the textile- and nonwoven industry

Systems of RotaSpray GmbH can be combined and retrofitted into existing production lines.

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