Rotating Atomizer: Testing unit ROTA LAB to simulate critical spray
conditions in the technical centre in Oehringen/Germany

Suitability test of customer recipes and new products from chemical suppliers

What will be tested ?
- uniformity of micro drop spectrum
- fineness of micro drops
- eveness of spray jet
- shear stability of dispersions and emulsions
- rheology of spray solutions
- foam behaviour
- filtertest
and others

Lab padder + Spray unit for wet on wet applications

Development of precision spray disks for different spray applications

Defined sprayjet in collaboration of machine and chemistry to simplify
the handling and recipe adjustment and to avoid "overspray"
picture 1:
"OVERSPRAY" - uncontrolled aerosol !!
--> uncontrollable sprayed microdrops which are to light and very fine  

picture 2:

Precisely controlled spray parameter by use of adjusted rheological conditions
of the spray liquor is a prerequisite for a defined spray add on deeply into the
system of the fiber or onto the surface of fabric 

picture 3:

Homogenous sprayjet for a precise minimum application (< 45% pick-up)